Saturday, January 19, 2013

Metapictures - the crouching traveler, a tribute

This is our friend Rodolfo "Tisso" Maciel (though it could be anybody in the picture), a good friend of ours since college. Once a good employee in the consumer goods industry, he also succumbed to the traveling spirit and quit his job to travel after getting a position in a management consulting firm, a most adequate calm before the storm.

Though not properly mentioned earlier, this young man traveled with us in the Middle East and during a good part of our trip in Europe (which makes him also responsible for the lack of posts as we would rather drink together almost every night).

As he had a job starting in the beginning of 2013, his trip has already come to an end. He's back in Brazil to start working his ass off and to tell travel tales in bars.

This is a tribute to our fellow who was a great snoring company during the first part of our trip. Not every day you come across a guy who gets emotional in the Delirium CafĂ© in Brussels - a metapicture tribute is therefore the least we could do. And yes, we just did the least.

Tisso, thanks for the company. We wish you success and the minimum exposure to assholes possible.

Taking pictures of skirts in London.

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  1. Hahahaha! Thanks for the nice words! Traveling with you guys was probably the best decision I could ever make.

    I can't wait for us to tell travel tales together in bars and pubs around here. Enjoy your travel!!!

    Miss you!!