Saturday, November 17, 2012

Travel statistics - the series

The "travel statistics" will be a series of posts we intend to update during the trip. It will basically consist of the most thoroughly collected and relevant data about the world and our interactions with it. These posts will provide think tanks, research companies, governments and our mothers with a plethora of inputs for their data bases, a humble but valorous contribution from two engineers on the road.

Downloads of Access files will be available in the future (at a modest price).

So here goes a draft of some figures:

Days on the road: 89
Countries visited: 9
Number of countries where we saw Bolivians playing El-Condor-Pasa-like songs: 6
Number of countries where we heard Michel Teló and/or Gustavo Lima: 8 (in Israel we have not had the pleasure of listening to these masterpieces, but a friend did, many times)
Number of different types of beer we tasted: 108 (+1 tonight)
Days sick (sum of both of us): 0
Number of people we met who knew The Devil Makes Three: 2
Number of people we met who were doing round-the-world trips (or similar): 6
Number of words we learned in written Hebrew and Arabic: 0 
Will to stop travelling and start working (0 to 10 scale): 0

Leaving some deep quantitative knowledge for the future generations (Wadi Rum, Jordan).

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