Saturday, October 27, 2012

Metapictures - the series

Remember your philosopherlike-staring-at-infinity picture? Your artistic photography piece from your vacations? Well, they all have a behind the scenes.

Metapictures will be a series of pictures of people taking pictures, specially interesting on these days of massive tourism.

To be fair, if such a behaviour exists in this context, we put ourselves in this situation for a start.

Enjoy the prosaic side of the trip!

Oh, great, post this one! (Red Valley, Cappadocia, Turkey)


  1. So I'm contemplating how to deal with this--I have a few metapictures of my own now. Debating whether to send them to you, post on Facebook, or even just post on my blog and link to yours, lol.

    Looking forward to seeing the Chinese guy!

    1. Do as you find best! The Chinese guy will come later, I don't wanna raise the standards right at the beginning.

  2. People are waiting for the chinese guy. Don't you make us wait no more.